At Arksen, we celebrate human adventure

Arksen Overland’s aim is to inspire, encourage, and enable a new generation of explorers and conservationists to go further for longer.

We want to put you in the driver's seat, and have developed and curated a range of remarkable overland vehicles so you can experience the best our planet has to offer, and be inspired to support projects which protect and nurture our global ecosystems.

Some of these vehicles are already in stock or in production and are available for immediate purchase. However, we recognise everyone’s adventure is unique, and are keen to work with you to explore and define your ideal Arksen build, which you can kick start in our configurator.


Our Story

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that helping people experience our planet is the best way to inspire positive action.

We aim to be the most revered expedition and adventure brand in the world. Anchored in innovation and adventure, we encourage the extraordinary and strive to improve the natural environment.

As with our Arksen Marine vessels, Arksen Overland vehicles are designed to enable customers, researchers and documentary makers to access the best of our world, and create new stories.

Our Vehicles

All our vehicles are designed with adventure in mind, and built to exacting standards to give you:

  • Confidence

    Our ground up restorations give you modern reliability while retaining old school simplicity for off-grid maintenance and repair.

  • Capability

    Upgraded mechanics and expert selected feature additions give you a vehicle with both remarkable off-road capability and modern on road manners.

  • Comfort

    Modern sound insulation, infotainment and a full re-trim make for enjoyable journeys. Carefully considered expedition kit and design features offer the freedom to live or work off-grid in style for extended periods.


Go Electric Anywhere

On and Off-Road just got better, and cleaner with the new Arksen D110e. Quiet, refined, ultra-capable and better for the planet than an all new electric vehicle.

Our re-imagined Arksen Land Rover Defender has an 150kW electric motor driving all four wheels through the transfer case, near instant low end torque for better off-road capability, and a sub 8-second 0-60mph performance on-road.

It's 70kWH battery system has been developed by OEM experts, delivering approx. 150 mile range, with fast charge capability and a 240V inverter to power all your off-grid kit.

  • Arksen D110

    The Arksen D110 combines the Land Rover Defender’s soul and legendary capability with contemporary equipment to re-imagine overlanding for the modern age.

  • Arksen P110

    The Arksen P110 is built on the tough soft-top Land Rover Perentie, packed with overland features, enhanced reliability and engineered for adventure.

  • Arksen U1700

    The Arksen U1700 is the ultimate overlander built on the unstoppable Mercedes Unimog, fully equipped to explore, sleep, relax and work in comfort.


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“No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced”
Sir David Attenborough