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Designed for Adventure

The Arksen P110 is mechanically rebuilt and enhanced to give you the ultimate analogue experience, wherever you want to go.

The mighty Isuzu 4BD1 engine is now turbocharged, while power steering, and carefully tuned clutch efforts make for easier driving on and off-road.

33” tires, adjustable suspension, uprated driveline and modified transfer box, enhance both capability and reliability to give you confidence off grid.

The interior retrim, A/C, touchscreen audio, soundproofing, raptor coating and carefully designed extra cab storage provide modern refinement while maintaining thoroughbred workhorse practicality. Roll up the bespoke Arksen canvas in a heartbeat, or even remove altogether, and explore.


Build It Your Way

Choose from our Expedition Ready or Adventure Prepped class

Choose from two core specifications to suit your experience and ambition.

Adventure Prepped, with built in power, water and fridge is the ideal platform for day exploration, social events, wild camping trips or for you to build out your own ultimate overlanding spec.

Expedition Ready, is exactly that, adding expert curated expedition equipment including roof tent, awning, shower, cooking equipment, recovery gear, winch, and optional long range fuel tank.



  • Ground up, Body-off, Perentie 110 restoration
  • Refurbished and upgraded drivetrain
  • Adjustable suspension
  • New cooling, fuel and brake systems
  • Turbo rear disc brake upgrades
  • 2 or 4 seat soft top, with side hatches (side facing rear seats)
  • Rear mounted spare, and rear swing gate conversion



  • Arksen extra cab stowage layout with custom canvas with quickzip roll-up sides
  • Integrated water, power and fridge/freezer on-board with option to add / tailor feature
  • Expert Curated Adventure Ready fit out for optimal on-trip experience & confidence
  • OR
  • Opt for our Expedition Ready spec with everything you need to hit the trails


Electrical & Power

  • Upgraded battery system for on-board power
  • 12V USB power sockets
  • Optional Portable Solar

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To enquire about the Arksen P110, secure your build slot or see our full list of specifications please get in touch.

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